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Mobil, Shell, Chevron & Klondike Lubricants

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Automotive Motor Oil

10W-40 SN
5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30 SN/GF-5 Synthetic Blend
0W-20 SN/GF-5, 5W-20 SN/GF-5, 5W-30 SN/GF-5 Full Synthetic
5W-40 SM/CF Euro Full Synthetic

Heavy Duty Engine Oils

10W-30 CJ-4, 15W-40 CJ-4
0W-30, 0W-40 CJ-4 Synthetic Blend
0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-40, 15W-40 CJ-4 Full Synthetic
10W CF-2, 30 CF-2, 40 CF-2, 50 CF-2

Industrial & Functional Oils

Hi-Tack Bar & Chain Oil – Winter
Hi-Tack Bar & Chain Oil – All Season
Hi-Tack Bar & Chain Oil – Summer
Rock Drill Oil
2-Cycle TC-W3


Multi-Purpose Grease
Ultra Tac EP-0 Synthetic Blend
Ultra Tac EP-1 Synthetic Blend
Ultra Tac EP-2
Moly Tac EP-1 3%
Moly Tac EP-2 3%
Moly Tac HD EP-2 5%
Open Gear Lubricant

Transmission Fluids

ATF MD3, ATF Multi-Vehicle
ATF Universal Full Synthetic, 50W Full Synthetic
10W TDTO-4, 30 TDTO-4, 50 TDTO-4
All Season Synthetic Blend TDTO-4
Arctic Full Synthetic TDTO-4

Hydraulic Fluids

AW 22, AW 32, AW 46, AW 68, AW 100
MAX™ Long Life AW 32, 46, 68
Multi-Viscosity AW 15, AW 22, AW 36
BIO AW 32, BIO AW 46
Long Life Turbine Oil ISO 46, 68
Universal Tractor Fluid
Universal Tractor Fluid Full Synthetic

Gear Lubricants

80W-90 GL-5, 85W-140 GL-5
75W-90 GL-5, 75W-140 GL-5 Full Synthetic
ISO 150 EP, ISO 220 EP, ISO 320 EP, ISO 460 EP
ISO 150 EP, ISO 220 EP, ISO 320 EP, ISO 460 EP Full Synthetic

Antifreeze & Washer Fluid

Conventional Concentrate and Premix
Global Extended Life Concentrate and Premix
All Engines Extended Life Concentrate and Premix
Diesel Extended Life Concentrate and Premix
Diesel Precharged Concentrate and Premix
Summer Bugwash,-35°C Washer Fluid,-40°C Washer Fluid
Washer Fluid Concentrate

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